Adrien Briod

Biography and current work


My goal is to develop novel navigation strategies for autonomous flying robots, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with light-weight sensors and intelligent mechanics.

I am currently working on the GimBall platform, a flying robot that can interact with the environment. I am studying how such robots can use simple techniques to better achieve tasks that are only tackled through heavy modeling in conventional approaches. I am investigating techniques for in-flight collision recovery and for navigation using interactions with obstacles, by taking inspiration from insects that navigate very reactively and bump into obstacles when they cannot see them.
In an attempt to reduce further sensing complexity for autonomous navigation, I am also studying techniques for flight control based on inertial and optic-flow sensors.


2014-present Head of Technology at Flyability.
2009-2013 PhD student at the LIS.
2007-2009 Master in Microengineering at EPFL - Robotics specialization.
sept 08 - jan 09 Master project at Harvard University, in the Microrobotics Laboratory
feb 08 - june 08 Semester project realized at the LIS that involved the programming and testing of a 80cm wingspan MAV, with which we also participated in a flying robot competition in Germany. We took the second place in the autonomy competition (watch the video report of the preparation and competition).
2004-2007 Bachelor in Microengineering at EPFL.
aug 06 - may 07 Exchange year at McGill University (Canada).


GimBall prototype
AirBurr prototype
The AirBurr project
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Adrien Briod