Dirk Lauinger

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dirk.lauinger@epfl.ch +41 21 693 73 41

ODY 1 19 (Odyssea)
Station 5
CH-1015 Lausanne

Site web: https://phd.epfl.ch/edmt/
Unité: EDMT

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Optimization under Uncertainty, Energy Systems, Mobility Systems, Vehicle-to-Grid


Autres publications

Emmanuel Clédat and Dirk Lauinger
Revue XYZ, Volume 157, pp. 30-36, December 2018 [Cover page]
Un algorithme pour battre le record du SwissTrainChallenge: poser le pied dans chacun des 26 cantons le plus rapidement possible en utilisant uniquement des transports publics
Samuel Majerus, Dirk Lauinger and Jan Van herle
Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, Volume 15, April 2018
Taking Advantage of the Vastly Underused European Biogas Potential: Break-Even Conditions for a Fuel Cell and an Engine as Biogas Converters
Dirk Lauinger, François Vuille, Daniel Kuhn
in: Proceedings of the European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Congress, Geneva, 14th - 16th March 2017
A review of the state of research on vehicle-to-grid (V2G): Progress and barriers to deployment
Samuel Majerus, Dirk Lauinger, Jan Van herle
Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, Volume 14, February 2017
Cost Requirements for a Small-Scale SOFC Fed From Agricultural-Derived Biogas
Dirk Lauinger, Priscilla Caliandro, Jan Van herle, Daniel Kuhn
Journal of Energy Storage, Volume 7, pp. 24–37, August 2016
A linear programming approach to the optimization of residential energy systems
Dirk Lauinger, Liliane Stadler, Tobias Vuillemin
in: States and Societies in Transition – History, Threats and Opportunities. The Case of Georgia and Azerbaijan, Report of a Swiss Study Foundation Summer School, 2016
The Economy of Azerbaijan: Oil and Gas