Qinli Lu

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qinli.lu@epfl.ch +41 21 69 30706

ODY -1 0025 (Odyssea)
Station 5
CH-1015 Lausanne

Site web: http://phd.epfl.ch/edmt/
Unité: EDMT

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Autres publications

Qinli Lu, Hong Yang, Xianjin Huang, et al.
Energy. 2015, 82: 414-425.
Multi-sectoral decomposition in decoupling industrial growth from carbon emissions in the developed Jiangsu Province, China
Qinli Lu, Xianjin Huang
Geographical Research, 2016,35(4):607-616.
The current situation, deficiency and opportunities of China's geography research, from the perspective of the global resources.
Qinli Lu, Xiang Zhang
Economic Geography, 2013, 10(33): 1-7
The Inflect Factors of the Distribution about Urban Fashion Degree in China. Economic Geography,
Xiaowei Chuai, Xianjin Huang, Qinli Lu, Mei Zhang et al.
Environmental Science & Technology 49.21 (2015): 13021-13030.
Spatiotemporal Changes of Carbon Emission from the Chinese Construction Industry.
Junyu Lu, Qinli Lu et al.
Nanjing University Press,2014
Indicators and Methods of Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Construction in Response to Climate Change -- A case study of Jiangyin City, a National Sustainable Development Experimental Area