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I studied Physics at Trieste University, and graduated with a thesis in the group of Claudio Masciovecchio (2008). I studied experimentally the mechanical properties of liquid water at high pressure and low temperature. In 2009, I moved to the Netherlands, to Utrecht, to work for my Ph.D. on the stability properties of large-scale ocean circulation in numerical models, and their relation to the broader climate system. I graduated in 2013 with Sybren Drijfhout and Henk Dijkstra as promotors. After my Ph.D., I started in 2013 a post-doc at NIOZ with Hans van Haren, on the island of Texel. I studied the properties of geophysical turbulence in the ocean, using the high-resolution measurements collected with the high-resolution thermistors developed at NIOZ. My publications can be found here.

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