Assyr Abdulle


Biography and current work


Professor Abdulle is currently chair of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis at the Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing (IACS) at EPFL.

He obtained a professional degree in music and violin (Geneva Conservatory) in 1993 and earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from Geneva University in 2001. He completed his first post-doctoral year at Princeton University in the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics with successive positions at ETH Zurich, the University of Basel, and the University of Edinburgh. His awards include the SciCADE new talent prize (2005), an Advanced Research Fellowship by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (2007, the SIAM Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (2009) and the SIAM Germund Dahlquist Prize (2013).

Abdulle's first major result was the proof of one of Prof. Lebedev's (Russian Academy of Sciences) conjectures in the field of stiff differential equations that had been open for many years. This result enabled him to develop new numerical methods (known under the acronym ROCK) used by scientists throughout the world for numerous applications. Another of his fields of expertise is the modeling and numerical analysis of multiscale partial differential equations where he has helped to develop a new framework for the numerical treatment of multiscale problems. He is also active in the field of stochastic differential equations and recently developed novel numerical methods that hold promise for solving stiff stochastic problems.


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Assyr Abdulle