Beat Fierz

CH B3 485 (Bâtiment CH)
Station 6
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Macromolecular structure and interactions

This course covers the basic biophysical principles governing the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of biomacromolecules involved in chemical processes of life. The course is held in English.

Dynamics of biomolecular processes

In this course we will discuss advanced biophysical topics, building on the framework established in the course "Macromolecular structure and interactions". The course is held in English.

Nanobiotechnology and biophysics

This course concerns modern bioanalytical techniques to investigate biomolecules both in vitro and in vivo, including recent methods to image, track and manipulate single molecules. We cover the basic principles of the respective methods and discuss examples from the current scientific literature.

Chemical Biology Seminar Series 1

PhD students can broaden their horizon in the field of chemical biology by listening to 14 talks by speakers who talk about their recent research. The PhD students get the opportunity to also personally meet the speakers

Chemical Biology Seminar Series 2

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