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In early 2016, I moved from EPFL to UNIL, where I am Assistant-Professor for hydrology (UNIL web page here, but I still have an affiliation at the LCH at EPFL and I continue to collaborate on the Swiss Competence Center on Energy Research - Supply of Energy

I maintain a hydrological data wiki for Switzerland.

Latest publications:
Clark, M. P., Schaefli, B., Schymanski, S. J., Samaniego, L., Luce, C. H., Jackson, B. M., Freer, J. E., Arnold, J. R., Dan Moore, R., Istanbulluoglu, E., and Ceola, S.: Improving the theoretical underpinnings of process-based hydrologic models, Water Resources Research (publications)

B. Schaefli. Projecting hydropower production under future climates: a guide for decision-makers and modelers to interpret and design climate change impact assessments, in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water (publications)

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How to spell my name?

Please do not use the Swiss German version of my family name. The common spelling to use in references etc. is "Bettina Schaefli"

Bettina Schaefli

Prof-Assistant at UNIL, Dr. ès science
: +41216923560

  • hydrological modelling
  • catchment hydrology
  • uncertainty quantification
  • snow- and ice melt modelling
  • hydrology and Alpine hydropower