Caroline Vandevyver

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Responsable d'unité +41 21 693 35 73

BI A2 407 (Bâtiment BI)
Station 7
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Unité: AE

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Administrative expertise: Project and Program management

Scientific expertise: Cell culture; Biomedical Imaging, Recombinant DNA and Protein Technology

Teaching expertise: Biochemistry, Toxicology




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Mutation detection in the alpha-1 antitrypsin gene (PI) using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis.
VanderBorght A, Geusens P, Vandevyver C, Raus J, Stinissen P.
Reumatology (Oxford), 39(11), 2000
Skewed T-cell receptor variable gene usage in the synovium of early and chronic rheumatoid arthritis patients and persistence of clonally expanded T cells in a chronic patient.
Vandevyver C, Vanhoof J, Declerck K, Stinissen P, Vandervorst C, Michiels L,
J Bone Miner Res, 14(9), 1999
Lack of association between estrogen receptor genotypes and bone mineral density, fracture history, or muscle strength in elderly women.
Motmans K, Thirion S, Janssens J, Raus J, Vandevyver C.
Eur J Cancer Prev, 7 S72, 1998
Redirecting human T-cell specificity by functional expression of a chimeric T-cell receptor.
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Identification of overrepresented T cell receptor genes in blood and tissue biopsies by PCR-ELISA.