Christian Tresch

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Vice-président de l'association

Fields of interest:
> Machine Learning
> Data Analysis
> Computational Neurosciences
> Biomedical Informatics
> Computer Vision
> Space Technologies
> Robotics

Amazing things that have inspired me:
> Taking long-time exposures of the fabulously oscillating northern lights in Narvik Norway
> Roasting marshmallows directly on lava ascending the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala
> Being passed by a 4 meter whale shark in the shallow bays of Dahab Egypt
> Doing the famous Colca Trek tour from San Pedro de Atacama Chile to Salar de Uyuni Bolivia
> Finding a tiny bioluminescent bobtail squid in the reefs of Komodo island Indonesia
> Witnessing the Sentinel-2a satellite launch live from an operations control room at ESA

EPFL IEEE Student Branch
Case Postale 34
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Unité: IN-PME

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