Christophe Ancey

GC A1 401 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
1015 Lausanne

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fluid dynamics rheology hydraulics physics of particle transport steep slope flows (avalanches, floods) Risk analysis


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Civil Engineering


Fluids mechanics (For GC)

This course is an introduction to fluid mechanics. Physical properties of fluids and the conservation principles (mass and momentum) are presented. The second part of the course is devoted to applications to open-channel hydraulics and pipeline flows.

Flood and dam break waves

The course provides computational methods for unsteady flow problems such as floods, waves, and dam failures. The emphasis is on the physical understanding of the phenomena, the governing equations (Saint-Venant equations) and aspects related to engineering practice.

Hydrological risks and structures

The course is an introduction to extreme value theory and its use for managing hydrological risks (mainly floods). Apart from quantification tools, greater awareness of mitigation policies against natural hazards is developed for land-use-planning applications.

Similarity and Transport Phenomena in Fluid

The course is an introduction to symmetry analysis in fluid mechanics. The student will learn how to find similarity and travelling-wave solutions to partial differential equations used in fluid and continuum mechanics. The course covers mathematical and physical aspects