Darja Dubravcic

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Bioinspired Projects Coordinator

darja.dubravcic@epfl.ch http://bioinspired.epfl.ch


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Fields of expertise

biomimicry, bio-inspired, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, cooperative behaviours, microbiology, interdisciplinary projects, creativity techniques

Professional course

BioTRIZ Training BioTriz.org and University of Bath 26.-28.5.2015.
Coaching Flow Training Syncro-Center for personal and professional development 20-28.11.2014.
Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects Workshop Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (Paris) and Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (Split) 1 week in 2006., 2008. & 2009.


PhD Thesis: Quantitative evolutionary analysis of the life cycle of social amoebae evolutionary biology, social amoebae, cooperative behaviours, bet-hedging Universite Paris Descartes and Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire 2010-2013
Master 2 "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences" Universite Paris Descartes Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity 2009-2010
Diplopma in Molecular Biology University of Zagreb 2004-2009


Teaching & PhD


  • Architecture

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