Heather Miller

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I am a US NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and PhD student in the School of Computer & Communication Sciences, working under the supervision of Prof. Martin Odersky at LAMP. Research Interests: Language support for distributed programming. Parallel (and distributed) programming models. More info: http://www.heather.miller.am CV Committees: POPL 2015 AEC, Scala 2014 (co-chair), Scala 2013 (co-chair) Reviewer for: ECOOP 2013, Scala 2013


H. Miller, P. Haller, d. S. Oliveira and C. Bruno. Self-Assembly: Lightweight Language Extension and Datatype Generic Programming, All-in-One!. , 2014.
H. Plociniczak, H. Miller and M. Odersky. Improving Human-Compiler Interaction Through Customizable Type Feedback. , 2014.
H. Miller, P. Haller and M. Odersky. Spores: A Type-Based Foundation for Closures in the Age of Concurrency and Distribution. European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP'14), Uppsala, Sweden, 2014.
H. Miller, P. Haller, L. Rytz and M. Odersky. Functional Programming For All! Scaling a MOOC for Students and Professionals Alike. 36th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'14) SEET Track, Hyderabad, India, 2014.
H. Miller, P. Haller, E. Burmako and M. Odersky. Instant Pickles: Generating Object-Oriented Pickler Combinators for Fast and Extensible Serialization. ACM SIGPLAN 2013 Conference on Object Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA'13), Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 2013.
P. Haller and H. Miller. RAY: Integrating Rx and Async for Direct-Style Reactive Streams. Workshop on Reactivity, Events and Modularity, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 2013.
H. Miller and P. Haller. Spores, Formally, 2013.
A. Prokopec, H. Miller, T. Schlatter, P. Haller and M. Odersky. FlowPools: A Lock-Free Deterministic Concurrent Dataflow Abstraction. 25th International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing, Tokyo, Japan, 2012.
H. Miller, P. Haller and M. Odersky. Tools and Frameworks for Big Learning in Scala: Leveraging the Language for High Productivity and Performance. NIPS 2011 Workshop on Parallel and Large-Scale Machine Learning (BigLearn), Sierra Nevada, Spain, 2011.
P. Haller and H. Miller. Parallelizing Machine Learning- Functionally: A Framework and Abstractions for Parallel Graph Processing. 2nd Annual Scala Workshop, Stanford, California, USA, 2011.
A. Prokopec, H. Miller, P. Haller, T. Schlatter and M. Odersky. FlowPools: A Lock-Free Deterministic Concurrent Dataflow Abstraction – Proofs, 2012.
R. Leeb, M. J. Gubler, M. Tavella, H. Miller and J. d. R. Millán. On The Road To A Neuroprosthetic Hand: A Novel Hand Grasp Orthosis Based on Functional Electrical Stimulation. 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS, Buenos Aires, Argentina, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference Proceedings, 2010.

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