Itay Shomroni

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Autres publications

I. Shomroni, S. Rosenblum, Y. Lovsky, O. Bechler, G. Guendelman, B. Dayan
Science 345, 903 (2014)
All-optical routing of single photons by a one-atom switch controlled by a single photon
I. Shomroni, O. Bechler, S. Rosenblum, B. Dayan
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 023604 (2013)
Demonstration of Weak Measurement Based on Atomic Spontaneous Emission
I. Shomroni, E. Lahoud, S. Levy, J. Steinhauer
Nat. Phys. 5, 193 (2009)
Evidence for an oscillating soliton/vortex ring by density engineering of a Bose-Einstein condensate
S. Levy, E. Lahoud, I. Shomroni, J. Steinhauer
Nature 449, 579 (2007)
The a.c. and d.c. Josephson effects in a Bose-Einstein condensate
S. Rosenblum, O. Bechler, I. Shomroni, R. Kaner, T. Arusi-Parpar, O. Raz, B. Dayan
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 120403 (2014)
Demonstration of Fold and Cusp Catastrophes in an Atomic Cloud Reflected from an Optical Barrier in the Presence of Gravity
G. I. Viza, J. Mart�nez-Rinc�n, G. A. Howland, H. Frostig, I. Shomroni, B. Dayan, J.C. Howell
Opt. Lett. 38, 2949 (2013)
Weak-values technique for velocity measurements
L. Giner, L. Veissier, B. Sparkes, A. S. Sheremet, A. Nicolas, O. S. Mishina, M. Scherman, S. Burks, I. Shomroni, D. V. Kupriyanov, P. K. Lam, E. Giacobino, J. Laurat
Phys. Rev. A 87, 013823 (2013)
Experimental investigation of the transition between Autler-Townes splitting and electromagnetically-induced-transparency models
D. Fekete, I. Shomroni
IEEE J. Quant. Elec. 45, 700 (2009)
InGaAs/GaAs 0.98-?m Low-Divergence Central-Lobe Semiconductor Lasers With ?-Doped Resonant Tunneling Quantum Wells