Koen Blanckaert


Biography and current work


- Research on the hydraulics of open-channel bends
- Follow up of PhD projects at EPFL
- Coordination and further development of a joint research program with Delft University of Technology and WL Delft Hydraulics (The Netherlands)
- Teaching of courses:
- Mécanique des Fluides I, II (with C. Ancey)
- Hydraulique fluviale et aménagement des cours d'eau (with A. Schleiss)


- 1998-2002: PhD on ‘Flow and turbulence in sharp open-channel bends’ under supervision of Prof. Graf and Prof. de Vriend (Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands) at Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory, ENAC, EPFL.
- 1997: DEA de Mécanique at Ecole Centrale Lyon, France. Certificate of third cycle studies in fluid dynamics, Mechanical Engng. Dept., EPFL.
- 1991-1995: Civil Engineering Degree at University Ghent, Belgium. Fifth year and student thesis at Civil Engng. Dept., EPFL (Erasmus European Exchange program).

- Since 3/2004: (70%) Head of Hydraulics Department at Compagnie d’Etudes et de Réalisations Techniques (CERT), Sion; (30%) Research associate (Adjoint scientifique) at Hydraulics Structures Laboratory, ENAC, EPFL
- Since 10/2002: Lecturer (chargé de cours) at Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory, ENAC, EPFL
- 06-07/2003: Invited researcher at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
- 1997-10/2002: Teaching assistant at Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory, ENAC, EPFL.
- 1996: Research assistant at Hydraulics Laboratory, Civil Engng. Dept., University Ghent, Belgium.

Koen Blanckaert