Loïc François Andrée Jeanningros


Administrative data

Fields of expertise

PhD thesis on biosignal processing for cardiac arrhythmia classification, from wearable PPG sensors.
Also competent in biological modeling of neural networks.

Professional course

PhD student

Exploring full content of optical signals to enhance cardiac arrhythmia screening.

CSEM, Neuchâtel

R&D intern

Unsupervised learning for anomaly detection in vibration signals, with spiking neural network on neuromorphic processor.

SynSense, Zurich

Research intern

Spiking neural network for a physiological model of the pitch production process.

IDIAP, Martigny

Teaching assistant

Responsible for the creation of mini-projects and quizzes for the Neurorobotics (master) course.

EPFL, Lausanne

Research intern

Human-machine interaction and gamification for motor clinical rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago


Master en Physique

EPFL, Lausanne

Mineur en Neurosciences Computationnelles

EPFL, Lausanne

Bachelor en Physique

EPFL, Lausanne