Lorenzo Agosta

BCH 4122 (Batochime UNIL)
Av. F.-A. Forel 2
CH-1015 Lausanne

Web site:   Site web:   https://lcbc.epfl.ch

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Domaines de compétences

Atomistic simulations for condensed matter physics: 
Structural, dynamical, electronic and thermodynamic properties of liquids and solids.
Softwares: CP2K, Quantum Espresso, VASP,  GROMACS, PLUMED

- Perovskites solar cells
Surface stabilization, crystallization and optimization of  the organic  Pb and Sn based perovskites solar cells

- Solid-liquid interfaces
Characterization of oxide-water interfaces for catalysis and bio-adsorption
  Characterization of liquids in confined geometries
  Protocol designing of experimental and  computational techniques for probing the water interface at ambient conditions
  Organic-oxides adsorption free energies
- Metamaterials based on mesophases of simple liquids
Generation and characterization of Mesophases from simulation of simple liquids with spherical interactions