Louise Helene Soegaard Jensen

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Phone numbers
Office: 021 692 44 22 SEM lab: 021 692 43 53

GEO 3236 (Géopolis UNIL)
Rue de la Mouline 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Electron microscopy of soft materials. Especially cryo-SEM, low voltage SEM and related prep techniques.
(cryo-) SEM, VP-SEM, FIBSEM, (cryo-) TEM, STEM, EDX, CLSM, fluorescence microscopy. Method development for CryoNanoSIMS.
Experience with a multitude of sample types such as unicellular organisms, biofilms, invertebrates, polymers, liquid suspensions, nanoparticles, emulsions, building materials, sediments, foodstuff and plants.
Experience with all freezing methods for cryo-SEM and –TEM including all brands of high pressure freezers, slam freezing, propane jet freezing, guillotine systems and plunge freezers. Experience with all cold stage systems on the market for cryo-SEM. Ultramicrotomy: standard, serial, cryo and cryo-planing. Freeze substitution, freeze drying, standard chemical fixation etc.
3D reconstruction of microscopy data from FIB, 3View and array tomography. Multivariate statistics and modelling. Microbiology and molecular biology methods. Sensory and chemical analysis.