Lucas Frérot

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Other Activities
Active developer of Tamaas, a high-performance boundary-element based contact code written in C .
Assistant for the class of Modeling of solids and structures - Numerical Methods given in GC-BA6 and for the class Scientific Programming for Engineers given at the doctoral level. Assistant for the Math-1B class of MAN.
Supervised projects
Bachelor projects:
  • Plasticité avec la méthode des éléments finis : analyse unidimensionelle, Claire Capelo
  • Dynamique en éléments finis, Albane Descombes
  • Dynamique des structures élasto-plastiques, Samuel Pasche
Semester projects (master level):
  • Implementation of a Constitutive Law for Concrete, Isaac Thury
  • Coupling of finite element with Green's functions analytic expressions, Nabil El-Berria
  • Elasto-plastic contact with Finite Elements, Claire Capelo
Master Theses:
  • Modélisations des structures en coques, Michael Lozano

GC A2 504 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

Unité: EDCE

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Domaines de compétences

Computational solid mechanics, contact mechanics, boundary element method, finite element method, wear, friction, c , python, scientific computing, embedded models

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