Luis Gómez Gener

GR B0 419 (Bâtiment GR)
Station 2
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Administrative data

Fields of expertise

My primary research aim is to understand how carbon (C) moves and cycle across different scales in fluvial networks. This integrate:

i) the identification of patterns/regime of different carbon forms (i.e., DOC, DIC, CO2, CH4) in rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs,

ii) the linkage between physical and biogeochemical process on modulating the sources, cycling and destination of C in catchments,

iii) the study of processes at ecohydrological interfaces (land-stream interactions, atmosphere-water and atmosphere-soil interactions, surface-subsurface water interactions, dry-wet sediment interactions) and,

iv) the evaluation of potential changes in fluvial network C dynamics as a consequence of human- and climate-driven changes (i.e., droughts, floods, damming, glacier retreat).

Teaching & PhD


Environmental Sciences and Engineering


Fluvial biogeosciences

Stream and river ecosystems are increasingly deteriorated owing to global change and climate change. Students will understand basic physical, chemical and biological processes in streams and rivers, and how they relate to ecosystem health and integrity .