Marc-Oliver Gewaltig

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Lecturer +41 21 693 18 66

Birth date : 31.07.1967

Campus Biotech
Bâtiment B1
Ch. des Mines 9
CH-1202 Genève

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Activity dynamics in networks of spiking neurons
Closed-loop neuronal control
Computational Neuroscience
Large-scale network simulations
Neural Simulation Tool NEST


Other publications

Alois Knoll and Marc-Oliver Gewaltig
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In Neurorobotics we investigate models of nervous system in the context of a body that is embedded in a realistic (sensory rich) environment.

The neural models ranges from simple artificial networks to detailed reconstructions of mammalian brains. These models are then investigated in closed-action perceptions loops.

Since the real-time simulations of realistic neural systems is still for most cases out of reach, we work with simulated bodies, robots, and environments.