Matthieu Martin Jean-Andre Simeoni



BC 332 (Bâtiment BC)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne
In unit
Audiovisual Communications Laboratory
In unit
Chair of Mathematical Statistics
In unit
Doctoral program in computer and communication sciences


Matthieu Simeoni joined the IBM Research – Zurich Lab as a student intern in 2014. He is currently a PhD student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, under the joint supervision or Pr. Vetterli (LCAV) and Panaretos (SMAT). He is also a member of the Foundations of Cognitive Solutions research group at IBM Zurich, under the supervision of Dr. Paul Hurley.
Matthieu received his M.Sc. degree in Engineering from EPFL in 2015, majoring in applied mathematics and statistics. His master thesis was entitled “A New Imager for the Square Kilometer Array”, and was awarded the IBM Research Prize in Computational Science in 2015.

Matthieu's own research work takes root in a multidisciplinary environment at the frontier between signal processing, statistics and applied mathematics.

Among other projects, he and his group are responsible for the work package WP6 of the DOME project. This initiative, which involves researchers from both IBM Research and ASTRON (The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy), is developing the technologies needed for next-generation radio interferometers such as the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), which, upon completion, will constitute the largest radio telescope ever built.
More specifically, he is mainly interested in the elaboration and design of novel signal processing algorithms to optimize the data acquisition and processing chain in order to propose a processing pipeline adapted to the scale of the SKA.

The main contribution of his work consists of a new imaging pipeline, which is both more accurate and faster than the current imaging pipeline. This new imager is particularly interesting for hierarchically designed interferometers, which reduce the data flow sent to the central processor by beamforming together the signals coming from groups of antennas. Applications to medical imagery and radar and sonar technologies are also investigated.

Matthieu Martin Jean-Andre Simeoni
Private phone : 0041 78 742 68 25
Nationality : Française
Birth date : 26.08.1991