Miguel Fernández Ruiz

GC B2 444 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

Données administratives

Enseignement & Phd


Civil Engineering

Programmes doctoraux

Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering


Structures en béton

Comprendre le comportement et les principes de dimensionnement des éléments de structure en béton armé. Conception et dimensionnement des éléments constitutifs des structures en béton les plus courantes : halles, bâtiments, murs de soutènement, parking souterrain etc.

Making structural logic

This ENAC week provides students with the opportunity to apply theoretical structural principles in an applied context through the collaborative design of textile reinforced concrete shells that test structural and material limits. The ENAC week will take place in the Blue Factory at EPFL Fribourg.

Argamassa armada

The UE Argamassa Armada will develop prototypes of structural elements in textile reinforced concrete (TRC) that allow the continuation of the TRC prototype pavilion started at EPFL Fribourg in 2019. The UE will take place in the Blue Factory in Fribourg.