Monique Ruzicka-Rossier

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senior scientist / Phd in economic and social sciences

Position and activities
Monique Ruzicka-Rossier is an EPFL-SIA architect, a FSU Town and Regional Planner, and has a PhD in Economical and Social Sciences. In 1999 she joined EPFL, ENAC Faculty (Faculté de l’Environnement naturel architectural et construit) to develop researches on town and regional planning instruments whereas relations between the academic and professional worlds should be strengthen. Her major concerns are sustainable urban process and design in Europe and Asia, and focus on actors’participation. She teaches Urbanism, Urban and Regional Planning to ENAC students (sections of architecture, civil engineering, and environmental science and engineering). From 2006 to 2013, she was member of the board of ENAC faculty – EPFL. Since 2012 she is co-responsible for the minor Territorial development and urbanism. Since 2015 she is head of coordination for the inter- transdisciplinary teaching program of the ENAC faculty "PROJETER ENSEMBLE". She advises municipalities on urban and regional planning. She served as a juge assesseur in the Tribunal administratif of the canton de Vaud, as an officer in an executive Swiss communal government, and as a steering committee’s member of an institution for elderly. She is member of the SIA Kommission Normen für die Raumplanung, VNR-Verein Normen für die Raumplanung, and ASPAN-SO-Association Suisse pour l’Aménagement National - Suisse Occidentale. Formely, she was partner in an urban and architectural office in Lausanne (1979-1998), thereby with Jacques Dumas architect she participated in numerous architectural competitions and realized institutional buildings including commercial, medical facilities, universities and hotels.


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Urban process
Land Uses
Inter- transdisciplinarity


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LaC Chôros / CEAT

PCW-Postcar World, Sinergia FNS 2013-
Energy and Landscape 2013-
Zoning 2009-2013.

ARE-ASTRA 2008-2013: Der Fussgänger in peripheren Siedlungsgebieten - Verkehrsintensive Einrichtungen besser für den Fussverkehr erschliessen / mit D.von der Muehll.

Swiss cooperation project in architecture 2009-2011 / Urban systems & Urban models / Prof.J.Acebillo USI / Prof.J.Levy EPFL / Dr.C. Schmid.

FNS 2006-2009, IMU - The urban spaces proof against individual mobility -Intercultural research, Switzerland,United States of America, Japan- on toutrist, inter-peri-urban territories, and center of cities / Prof.J.Levy.