Nicolò Riva

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Citizenship : Italian

I got the Bachelor and Master Degree in Physics in Accelerator Physics and applied superconductivity in Milano and Genova. The last year of my master I taught physics at Antonio Rosmini High School. I've been an intern at Fermilab as a Summer Students in Chicago and EPM in Montreal. Now I'm a PhD candidate at EPFL in Lausanne and in Collaboration with EPM in Montreal and KIT in Karlsruhe. ----------------------------------------Extracurricular Activities------------------------------------------------------- I've played trombone jazz/classical and piano jazz/classical since 2006. Some of the main orchestra/band/formation are: -GMO (Giovani Musicisti Ossolani) ( -White Spirit Gospel Choir ( -Blues 4 People (We've been on tour with The Original Blues Brothers Band from the same movie. We also recorded a CD available on I-Tunes and main Shops. -Ottottoni -Accademia Big Band -EJMA Lausanne

BC 216 (Bâtiment BC)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

-Applied Superconductivity
-Computational Superconductivity

-FEM Simulations (COMSOL, MatLab)
-Magnet Design
-Genetic Algorithms
-Fast pulses measurements
-HTS Applications (Energy and Space)