Roberto Sega

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architect, PhD researcher +41 21 69 33290

BP 4131 (Bâtiment BP)
Station 16
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Unité: HRC-GE

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Urban Design
Urbanisme, Landscape Urbanism
Regional and Environmental Planning
Regional Economy


PhD Architecture and Sciences of the City EPFL École Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne 09/10/2018
Architect Master thesis in Urbanism: "Ha-Noi Dat-Nuoc, the Red River city in the Asian competition of the XXI century" University IUAV of Venice 30/04/2010



PhD Thesis

- Redefining the centrality and marginality of the Alpine city-territory -

The doctoral thesis investigates the phenomena of construction of the European city-territory and proposes spatial hypotheses for this project. The research question specifically concerns the relationship between the presence of productive systems and the conditions of diffused urbanity, in order to describe
and represent particular spatial models of development.

The study area is the Alpine Macro-region, now considered marginal compared with the hegemony of the metropolitan areas toward which the main investments are directed. The research considers the Alps as prototype area for a new urbanity: the different alpine territories have to deal with similar critical economic and socio-environmental challenges, but at the same time they depend on national policies and different models of development. In this sense the Alpine area is a set of neighbouring urban laboratories where the challenges for a different idea of growth, attractiveness and development of the European territory are emphasized.