Roberto Zoia

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BI A0 408 (Bâtiment BI)
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BI A1 407 (Bâtiment BI)
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Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Electrical engineering science & technology

Electrical engineering science and technology (Spring)

This course provides an introduction to electricity. Electricity main laws and the fundamental elements of linear DC circuits will be covered. The student will also learn how to analyze electric circuits.

Electrical engineering science & technology

This course introduces the fundamental laws of electricity and the methods for analyzing linear electrical circuits, consisting of resistors, capacitors and inductors. We will start with the Direct Current circuits and then switch to single-phase and three-phase Alternating Current circuits.

Lab in information technologies

Get familiar with experimental aspects of the main domains of the orientation "Information and communication technologies"

Electrotechnics I

The course covers the basics of electrical circuits composed of linear components, in direct current (DC) operation. A series of transforming methods are studied. At the end of the semester, alternate current (AC) systems are treated (complex numbers). Many examples and demos illustrate the course.