Samuel Rosset

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Chargé de cours

Unité: SMT-ENS

BS 198 (Bâtiment BS)
Station 4
CH-1015 Lausanne


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Enseignement & Phd


  • Microengineering

Programmes doctoraux

  • Doctoral Program in Microsystems and Microelectronics

Current and past students

Current Ph.D. Students

Alexandre Poulin: Deformable cell culture systems for the study of mechanotransduction mechanisms. More information on the cell stretching project. Nadine Besse: Haptic displays based on shape memory polymers. More information on the BlindPAD project. Samuel Schlatter: Use of additive manufacturing techniques for the fabrication of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators.

Current Ph.D. Students (not official co-direction)

Alexis Marette: High Voltage thin-film transistors to drive dielectric elastomer actuators Xiaobin Ji: Ultrathin membranes and electrodes to reduce the driving voltage of dielectric elastomer actuators

Past Ph.D. Students

Dr. Samin Akbari (now at MIT, Cambridge): Arrays of dielectric elastomer microactuators for cell mechanotransduction. Samin received her Ph.D. on June 6 2013. Dr. Luc Maffli (now at Preciflex SA, Neuchâtel): Fluidically-coupled dielectric elastomer actuator structures for tunable optics and microfluidics. Luc received his Ph.D. on October 22 2014. More information on soft tunable optics More information on zipping actuation for microfluidics

Past Master Students and engineers

Samuel Schlatter (2015): Multifunction high voltage power supply for dielectric elastomer actuators. Daniel Ruedin (2015): Labview Interface for a SÜSS spin coater. Anna Kamolwat (2015): Measurement setup to characterize the degradation of dielectric elastomer actuators. Simon Vuilleumier (2014): Measurement setup to characterize the degradation of compliant electrodes when submitted to stretch. Amirhossein Vahabzadeh (2013): Local stiffening of soft elastomer membranes for anisotropic actuation. François Guélat (2007): Biologically inspired micro-drill for future planetary exploration.