Vincent Keller

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Lecturer +41 21 693 26 89

Birth date : 06.09.1975

ME B2 454 (Bâtiment ME)
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne

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High Performance Computing, Computational Science and Engineering Parallel computing (over distributed memory, shared memory or hybrid environments)
Optimization, Parallelization, Parallel I/O, Scientific Libraries
Scientific Applications and Performance Analysis, Algorithms
Energy Efficiency in Large Computing Ecosystems

Archival processing

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Parallel and high-performance computing

This course provides insight into a broad variety of High Performance Computing (HPC) concepts and the majority of modern HPC architectures. Moreover, the student will learn to have a feeling about what architectures are suited for several types of algorithms.

Parallel programming

Learn the concepts, tools and API's that are needed to debug, test, optimize and parallelize a scientific application on a cluster from an existing code or from scratch. Both OpenMP (shared memory) and MPI (distributed memory) paradigms are presented and experimented.