Jean-Philippe Ansermet

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Birth date : 01.03.1957

PH H1 497 (Bâtiment PH)
Station 3
CH-1015 Lausanne

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spintronics and nanomagnetism 
solid state NMR 
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Professional course

L'enfant, l'adolescent et les sciences

cours donnés à la HEP

TeraHertz for Industry

Workshop for professionals presenting frontline research

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Fellow American Physical Society


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Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

L'enfant, l'adolescent et les sciences

Haute Ecole de Pédagogie : L'enfant, l'adolescent et les sciences (no longer accessible on the web) 

TeraHertz: New opportunities for industry

The expression TeraHertz Gap refers to the fact that technologies are quite advanced at frequencies below 100 GHz or above 10 THz, but not in between. The development of new sources and the pressure for new solutions in various industrial branches have precipitated the development of electronics components and systems for this frequency range.


Advanced physics II (thermodynamics)

This course presents thermodynamics as a means of describing a large number of important phenomena in physics, chemistry, and engineering, including transport effects. An introduction to statistical physics reinforces the notions acquired thanks to microscopic modeling.

Spin Dynamics

To acquire knowledge about the conceptual building blocks of spintronics, such as the fundament notions of magnetism, spin relaxation and diffusive transport, so as to be able to understand current research and the basic principles that led to breakthroughs in information technology.