Ronan Boulic

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INJ 141 (Bâtiment INJ)
Station 14
1015 Lausanne

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Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Experimental study of Embodiment in VR, 
Immersive Interaction, 
Human Movement Modelling, 
Human Posture Optimization, 
Real-Time 3D Interaction, 
Motion Capture, 
Inverse Kinematics, 
Locomotion and steering control, 
Expression of complex emotions


Infoscience publications


Teaching & PhD


Computer Science

Communication Systems


Project oriented programming

This course focuses on the complementary features of the C language that allow to design robust modular applications (principle of separation of concerns). The practice dimension is deemed particularly important ; for this reason a significant time is devoted to a project.

Information, Computation, Communication

The goal is this course is to introduce students to computational thinking, to present fondamental ideas of computer science and to develop their first programming skills (C language).

Virtual reality

The first lectures focus more on the technical means (hw & sw) for acheiving the hands-on sessions:

- Visual display
- Interaction devices and sensors
- Software environment (UNITY3D, programming in C#)

The proportion of more theoretical VR and Neuroscience background increases over the semester:

- Key Human perception abilities, cybersickness, im