Romuald Houdré

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EPFL SBâtiment PH)
Station 3
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

- Photonic crystals 
- Optical microcavities 
- Cavity-polaritons 
- Optical properties of semiconductors 
- III-V compounds Molecular Beam Epitaxy


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Teaching & PhD




General physics : thermodynamics

Give the student the basic notions that will allow him or her to have a better understanding of physical phenomena, such as the mechanic of point masses. Acquire the capacity to analyse quantitatively the consequences of these effects with appropriate theoretical tools.

Optics II

Introduction to the basic concepts of classical and modern optics. The course provides the students with tools for understanding and analysing optical phenomena and designing various optical systems.

Photonic crystals

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)