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(EPFL Students) Interested in doing a project with me ? Please read my checklist and confirm to me that (1) you read it and (2) agree to follow the indications given there. Please also send me a resume with your motivation.
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Before writing your final report, making slides or a poster, please also read these two texts:
How to write a paper
How to read a paper (by S. Keshav)

INF 016 (Bâtiment INF)
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CH-1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


Communication Systems

Computer Science


TCP/IP networking

In the lectures you will learn and understand the main ideas that underlie and the way communication networks are built and run. In the labs you will exercise practical configurations.

Smart grids technologies

Learn the technologies and methodologies used in the context smart electrical grids and be able to deploy/implement/test them in a lab environment.