Jean-Michel Sallese

Senior Scientist +41 21 693 46 02

Citizenship: Italian-Swiss

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ELB 234 (Bâtiment ELB)
Station 11
1015 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

- Modeling of field effect transistors (Multigate FETs, Junctionless FET, HEMT, Field Effect-based Biosensors). 
- Modeling substrate parasitic currents in integrated circuits.
- Simulation of radiation induced soft errors in integrated circuits
- High energy particle solid-state sensors. 


Infoscience publications

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Teaching & PhD


Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Electronics I

Discover the world of electronics from the fundamental laws of linear and nonlinear discrete components. Circuits obtained with component assemblies require many modeling and analysis techniques, and verification using a simulator.

Electronics II

Understanding functionnal blocks that require a higher level of abstraction. Realization of electronic high-level functions exploiting operational amplifiers.


Introduction to the main electronic components. Analysis of basic circuits made of operational amplifiers. Introduction to elementary logic circuits. Principle of Analog - Digital conversion. Basics of MOSFET transistor operation.

Modelling micro-/nano- field effect electron devices

The course provides an in depth modeling of emerging field effect transistors in CMOS technologty. Starting from the basis, the course will gardually introduce essential aspects to end up with a rigorous description of key features, Nanowire FET & its application to biosensing will also be analyzed.

Physics lab IIa

This practical course provides a contact with basic physical phenomena and their applications, it should help students acquire knowledge about the methods of observation and measurement as well as data analysis and presentation.