Jan Van Herle

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Senior Scientist

jan.vanherle@epfl.ch +41 21 693 35 10 http://gem.epfl.ch

Citizenship: CH

Birth date: 19.01.1966

EPFL Valais Wallis
Rue de l'Industrie 17
Case postale 440
CH-1951 Sion

Web site:  Web site:  https://gem.epfl.ch

EPFL Comité Campus Valais
Route des Ronquos 86
CH-1951 Sion

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, ongoing research:
  • - single cell characterisation & stacking
  • - impedance spectroscopy
  • - metal interconnect oxidation
  • - biogas operation and analysis
  • - effect of contaminants on catalysts
  • Coelectrolysis of steam and CO2
  • Publications

    Infoscience publications


    Teaching & PhD


    Mechanical Engineering

    Materials Science and Engineering

    PhD Programs

    Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering

    Doctoral Program in Energy

    Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


    Thermal power cycles and heat pump systems

    This course aims at studying thermal power cycles, heat pumping technologies, and equipment.

    Renewable energy (for ME)

    The students assess and compare all renewable energy resources, their real potentials, limitations and best applications (energy services). Solar thermal, solar electric, wood, bioliquids, biogas, hydropower incl. tidal and wave power, wind, geothermal incl. heat pumps and buildings.

    Engines and fuel cells

    The students describe and explain the thermodynamic and operating principles of internal combustion engines and all fuel cell types, identify the determining physical parameters for the operating regimes, the efficiencies and the polluting emissions, and compare the systems against each other.

    Electrochemistry for materials technology

    This course aims at familiarizing the student with state of the art applications of electrochemistry in materials science and technology as well as material requirements for electrochemical engineering.