Teaching & PhD


Microfabrication technologies

The student will learn process techniques and applications of modern micro- and nanofabrication, as practiced in a clean room, with a focus on silicon, but also multi-material microsystems and flexible/stretchable systems technologies.

Microfabrication practicals

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the practical aspects of some basic micro-fabrication techniques.

Materials and technology of microfabrication

The student will learn procedures and applications of modern microfabrication technologies, as practiced in a clean room environment, in particular modern techniques that go beyond the classical steps of deposition, lithography and etching, with a focus on materials and multidisciplinarity.

MOOC: Micro and Nanofabrication (MEMS)

Micro- and nanofabrication can be taught to students and professionals by textbooks and ex-cathedra lectures, but the real learning comes from seeing the manufacturing steps as they happen. This MOOC will not only explain the basics of microfabrication but also show the practice through videos.