Marc Atallah

Teaching & PhD


Humanities and Social Sciences Program


Science and literature C

The objective of the course is to learn to analyse the identity of a literary, graphic and cinematographic genre (science fiction), that has taken many variations over time. In addition, the issue of "usefulness" of science fiction will be discussed.

Science and literature A

The objectives of the course is to understand the skills required for analysing video games and their own particularities. Moreover, the course aims to better understand the fictional immersion and the ludic codes issues.

Science and literature B

The objective of this course is to study the various manifestations of totalitarian worlds in science fiction. Specifically, we look at how the writers tell the alienation of man by man - as well as the functions of such stories.

Science and literature D

The objective of this course is to think of the presence of more and more superhero figures in movies, bookstores and, ultimately, in our lives. What are they? What is their history? What do they tell us about ourselves?