Aurelio Muttoni

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Full Professor +41 21 693 28 81

Citizenship: Swiss

GC B2 384 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Civil Engineering


Concrete structures

To understand the behaviour and principles for design of structural concrete members. To be able to design concrete members of most common structures : halls, buildings, retaining walls, parking garages etc.

Bridge design

Introduction to the design of road bridges focused on steel-concrete composite, reinforced and prestressed concrete road bridges. This course deals with the bridge design criteria, construction technique, the material and applications of the design principles to different situations.

Concrete bridges

This course presents the main aspects of prestressed concrete bridge conceptual design and its analysis. It focuses on beam and box-girder bridges. Following key areas are explored : optimization of structural behavior, construction methods, dynamics and material technology

Structure and architecture

The aim of the course is to explain that structures do not only carry loads, but they are also important elements in architecture. The study of classical and contemporary examples will underline the importance of designing in a collaborative manner between architect and engineer.