Dominique Vinck

Teaching & PhD


Humanities and Social Sciences Program


Social studies in digital technology

Students analyze the co-production dynamics of societies and digital technologies, and the issues they face. To this end, they learn to mobilize concepts and methods of sociotechnical analysis from Science and Technology studies (STS).

Science and technology studies for Wikipedia

This course aims at exploring the social, historical and cultural dimensions of scientific work or engineering. Contributing to Wikipedia articles on engineering on technologies or engineering from a STS (science and technology studies) or engineering studies point of view.

Realities and practices of engineering work

Science and technology are experiencing changes that also affect the entire society. The course will take the example of nanoscience and nanotechnology to develop an analysis of this kind of phenomenon.

Science and technology in comics

Over the past decade, the notion of "artificial intelligence" has made a comeback in many fields of activity. To measure its scope, this course offers an introduction to social studies of AI. The course will introduce the main approaches, exemplary cases and relevant methods in the field.

Phasing-out, innovation through withdrawal II

The course aims at the acquisition of concepts and methods of Science and Technology Studies in order to learn how to decipher the intricacies of science and technology in society by mobilizing these elements in relation to the general issues addressed in the teaching of innovation by withdrawal.

Phasing-out, innovation through withdrawal

The aim of the course is to acquire the concepts and methods of Science and Technology Studies in order to learn how to decode the interweaving of science and technology in society by applying these elements to the general issues of innovation by withdrawal.