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Ultra High-Speed and 3D Optical Sensors 
Cyo-CMOS for Quantum Computing 
Computer Aided Design for VLSI 
Virtual Human-Computer Interfaces 


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Past TU Delft PhD Students

Antolovic I. Michel, Carimatto Augusto, Fishburn Matthew, Karami Mohammad, Mandai Shingo, Homulle Harald, Li Yongjia, Patra Bishnu, Sun Pengfei, Van Dijk Jeroen, Veerappan Chockalingam, Tang Qin, Venialgo Esteban, Ximenes Augusto, Zhang Chao.


Products design & systems engineering

This course will cover all the aspects of product design and system engineering from learning relevant methods to the actual implementation in a hands-on practice of product development.


The course deals with the concept of measuring in different domains, particularly in the electrical, optical, and microscale domains. The course will end with a perspective on quantum measurements, which could trigger the ultimate revolution in metrology.

Metrology practicals

The student will get familiar with the techniques learnt in class (MICRO-428) and will put them to practice with experiments in the laboratory. There will be a practical training for each theme covered in class; the students will also learn good practices during measurements (lab notebook included).

Quantum and nanocomputing

The course teaches non von-Neumann architectures. The first part of the course deals with quantum computing, sensing, and communications. The second focuses on field-coupled and conduction-based nanocomputing, in-memory and molecular computing, cellular automata, and spintronic computing.

Introduction to quantum science and technology

A broad view of the diverse aspects of the field is provided: quantum physics, communication, quantum computation, simulation of physical systems, physics of qubit platforms, hardware technologies. Students will grasp the field as a whole and better orient themselves on specialized topics.