Devis Tuia

EPFL Valais Wallis
Route des Ronquos 86
1951 Sion

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Fields of expertise

- Earth Observation, remote sensing: from drones to satellites
- Machine learning, deep learning
- Image processing


Selected publications

Teaching & PhD


Environmental Sciences and Engineering


Frontiers of Deep Learning for Engineers

The seminar aims at discussing recent research papers in the field of deep learning, implementing the transferability/adaptability of the proposed approaches to applications in the field of research of the Ph.D. student.

Fundamentals of geomatics

Fundamental of geomatics for civil and environmental engineers. Introduction to acquisition, management and visualization of geodata. Learning and doing practical experiments: geodata acquisition and land imaging.

Remote sensing

This course aims at exposing the students to the main concepts, instruments and techniques of environmental remote sensing. The interactions between waves and matter, different types of sensors and image-processing techniques are presented.

Sensing and spatial modeling for earth observation

Students get acquainted with the process of mapping from images (orthophoto and DEM), as well as with methods for monitoring the Earth surface using remotely sensed data. Methods will span from machine learning to geostatistics and model the spatiotemporal variability of processes.

Image processing for Earth observation

Courses content:
  • Basic concepts of remote sensing and digital imaging
  • Platforms and sensors
  • Information extraction, filtering, visual information
  • Image classification, with machine and deep learning algorithms
  • Project: study a real problematic using remote sensing and image processing techniques.