Jeffrey Huang

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Full Professor +41 21 693 13 41

BC 104 (Bâtiment BC)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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BC 104 (Bâtiment BC)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

Web site: Web site:

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Design thinking, Smart buildings, Smart Cities, Artificial Design, Digital Architecture, Experience Design 


Selected publications

Teaching & PhD


Computer Science

Architecture,Communication Systems

PhD Programs

Doctoral program in computer and communication sciences

Doctoral Program in Architecture and Sciences of the City


Studio MA1 (Huang)

The studio examines the effects of artificial intelligence and automation on architecture and cities. We explore meaningful form generating processes by the use of algorithmic and parametric tools and introduce the notion of growth typologies in architectural and urban design thinking.

Studio MA2 (Huang)

This studio explores the meaningful generation of architectures by the use of artificial intelligence/deep learning and parametric tools and introduces the notion of the digital vernacular in architectural and urban design thinking.

UE X : Experience design

Experience Design examines the effects of digitalization on architectural typologies in the contemporary city. The course questions traditional typologies by focusing on an understanding and re-design of social, geographic, temporal and emotional experiences.

Experience design

As we move towards a design economy, the success of new products, systems and services depend increasingly on the excellence of personal experience. This course introduces students to the notion and practice of experience design following a hands-on, studio-based approach.