Christian Ludwig

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Adjunct Professor +41 56 310 26 96

Citizenship : Swiss

Birth date : 30.03.1963

CH B2 398 (Bâtiment CH)
Station 6
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Solid Waste Treatment with a focus on Chemical Processes and Materials in thermal as well as aqueous systems 
- Waste and Bioenergy Technology development 
- Synthesis and Characterization (incl. Synchrotron Methods) of Nano-Particle-based materials for biofuel synthesis, gascleaning, and other CleanTech applications 
- Development of Analytical Devices and Methods for on-line and in-situ investigations 
- Analyzing, Modeling, and Controlling the Fate of Trace Elements and (Nano-)Particles in waste and biofuel applications 
- Natural Resources Management 
- Recycling of Minerals, Metals (incl. REEs), and Nutrients


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Environmental Sciences and Engineering

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Energy

Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering

Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering


Pollutants analysis in the environment

Evaluation of the quality of a river by using methods of observation as well as physico-chemical and biological methods. Collecting samples in the field and laboratory analysis. Practical determination and use of the constants of complexes formation.

Solid waste engineering

The book "Solid Waste Engineering - A Global Perspective" is the basis for this course. This textbook is an excellent introduction to the field of Solid Waste Engineering and gives insight into relevant solid waste treatment technologies and practices.

Urban neighborhoods, infrastructures and sustainable development

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