George Candea

INN 330 (Bâtiment INN)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


Computer Science

Communication Systems

PhD Programs


Software engineering

This course teaches the basics of modern software development: designing software, working in a team, writing good code, shipping software, and evolving software. It emphasizes building software that meets high standards of quality, reliability, security, and manageability.

Software development project

This course teaches the basics of developing real-world software, i.e., software that is large and complex, is developed by a team, evolves and needs to be maintained, and can cause serious harm if it fails. Students develop an Android app and do a lot of programming.

Principles of computer systems

This advanced graduate course teaches the key design principles underlying successful computer and communication systems, and shows how to solve real problems with ideas, techniques, and algorithms from operating systems, networks, databases, programming languages, and computer architecture.