Delphine Preissmann

CM 2 274 (Centre Midi)
Station 10
CH-1015 Lausanne

Office:  CM 2 274

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Humanities and Social Sciences Program


Global issues: health A

The course covers health as global issue. It discusses the challenges of biomedical innovation, infectious and neuropsychiatric disorders. The interdisciplinary approach integrates SHS with engineering sciences and introduces students to group working as well as to scientific research.

Brain, mind and society

This course aims to address topics related to research on brain causes of human actions. The course will introduce to fundamental concepts in psychology, cognitive and social neurosciences and the links between brain and mental illness.

Memory sciences

Describe cognitive and cerebral processes underlying memory and self processes. Identify differences and similarities between neurobiological and clinical approaches. Understand theoretical and clinical concepts underlying psychoanalysis and their scientific implications.

Scientific research in all it forms I

This course offers a multidisciplinary perspective on research. While addressing this topic, speakers from different faculties will shed light on their own way of practicing research. Passive knowledge of French required.

Scientific research in all it forms II

Au cours d'un travail pratique, l'étudiant aura l'occasion de s'initier à une méthode ou technique de recherche qui lui est peu familière (ex: entretien semi-directif, questionnaire, enquête de terrain, analyse conceptuelle, recherche historique, etc.).