Suliana Manley

BSP 427 (Cubotron UNIL)
Rte de la Sorge
1015 Lausanne

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Let's experiment

Before you step into the lab to do an experiment, you have a long list of questions: How do I design an experiment that will give a clear answer to my question? What model system should I use? What are my controls? What's an ideal sample size? How can I tell if the experiment worked?

Sharing your research

Giving a research talk (say, at a conference, to your department or in your research group meeting) is a really important part of a scientist's career. This course is designed for anyone who will be giving research-based scientific talks in the future.

Writing for science

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

Planning your scientific journey (EDBB)

Planning Your Scientific Journey: Being successful as a scientist requires more than acquiring knowledge and developing experimental skills. It also requires: (1) asking a good scientific question, (2) establishing a clear plan of action, and (3) seeking advice along the way.

Biophysics : physics of the cell

Introduction to cell biophysics

Topics (lectures): 1. Biological membranes: Hydrophobic effect, 2D elasticity (2-4) 2. Molecular events: Ligand binding, ion channel function (5-7) 3. Transport in cellular systems: Diffusive, directed, crowded (8-11) 4. Genomes: Regulation, transcription, networks and circuits (12-14) Content