Romain Fleury

ELB 033 (Bâtiment ELB)
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2021 Brillouin medal

International Phononics Society


2019 STI Polysphere

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Electromagnetics I : Transmission lines and waves

The electric signal is the essential vehicle for transmitting information and energy. At high frequency, it shows itself as an electromagnetic wave whose study calls for the development of physical and mathematical models based on the wave equation.

Electromagnetics II : field computation

This course deals with electromagnetism in free space and in continuous media. Starting from the basic principles, we establish the methods for solving Maxwell's equation in vacuum and in more complex material media.

Advanced electromagnetics

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

Research seminars in Electrical Engineering - FALL

This course propose a series of weekly broad audience seminars given by distinguished speakers in electrical engineering. The speakers are invited from all around the world and are chosen among the very top specialists in their field.

The first goal is to develop a culture of the current research challenges in Electrical Engineering, explained by top experience researchers.

Introduction to wave scattering

This advanced theoretical course introduces students to basic concepts in wave scattering theory, with a focus on scattering matrix theory and its applications, in particular in photonics.

Advanced Photonics

The course offers an overview on selected advanced photonics topics. It targets students with a broad photonics background or equivalent, who are willing to broaden their knowledge in the discipline. The course is given by lecturers from both EPFL and FEMTO-ST.