Alexander Mathis

Campus Biotech
Bâtiment H4
Chemin des mines 9
CH-1202 Genève

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Measuring and modeling behavior, machine learning, computational neuroscience


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Life Sciences Engineering

PhD Programs


Applied software engineering for life sciences

We learn and apply software engineering principles to program projects in Python. Projects cover problems in life sciences, and will be developed over the course of the semester.

Brain-like computation and intelligence

- Neural code and sparse coding - Plasticity and Hebbian learning - Bayesian brain - Transformers and (biological) attention - Goal-driven models of vision, proprioception, navigation and language - Motor control (control theory, reinforcement learning) - Transfer, continual and curriculum learning

Lecture series on scientific machine learning

This lecture presents ongoing work on how scientific questions can be tackled using machine learning. Machine learning enables extracting knowledge from data computationally and in an automatized way. We will learn on examples how this is influencing the very scientific method.