Thomas Bourgeat

BC 103 (Bâtiment BC)
Station 14
1015 Lausanne

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Computer Science

Communication Systems

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Advanced information, computation, communication I

Discrete mathematics is a discipline with applications to almost all areas of study. It provides a set of indispensable tools to computer science in particular. This course reviews (familiar) topics as diverse as mathematical reasoning, combinatorics, discrete structures & algorithmic thinking.

Foundations of software

The course introduces the foundations on which programs and programming languages are built. It introduces syntax, types and semantics as building blocks that together define the properties of a program part or a language. Students will learn how to apply these concepts in their reasoning.

Constructive Computer Architecture

Beginning with a basic pipeline processor, student will learn to implement intriguing architectural techinques through a series of labs. The class will emphasize the implementation, debugging, and analysis of varoius advanced computer architecture techniques.