Adil Koukab

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Lecturer +41 21 693 39 31

ELB 234 (Bâtiment ELB)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

-Design RF and analogue ICs (RX,TX) for wireless communications standards (GSM, UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth, UWB … )
-Noise in Mixed-Signal and RF System on chip
-Numerical and Computational methods: Spectral Method, Boundary Element Method...
-devices Physics and modeling


Infoscience publications

Teaching & PhD


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Microsystems and Microelectronics

Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering


Electronics I

The basic concepts enabling to understand and analysis Operational Amplifier based electronic systems dedicated to analog signal processing (e.g. for Sensors, IoT, ECG) are addressed. This includes the amplification, filtering, A/D conversion and signal generation ...

Electronics II

The course introduces the fundamentals of semicondutor devices: PN diodes, bipolar and MOS transistors. Topics covered include: PN junctions, bipolar transistors, device operations, current sources, polarisation circuits and AC responses

Electrical systems and electronics I

The course has the aim to provide the fundamental knowledge and experiences to understand basic electrical systems.

Electrical systems and electronics II

The basic concepts enabling to understand and analysis the electronic systems dedicated to signals acquisition and processing (e.g. biosensors, physiological signals, ECG) are addressed. This includes the acquisition, amplification and filtering.

Low power electronics: analog mixed signal design

This course deals with the analyze, design and optimization of CMOS analog circuits, emphasizing low-power solutions required in a broad range of applications (e.g. IoT, wearables, Biosensors ...). Some examples of mixed-signal design are also addressed.

Lab in EDA based design

The goal of this lab is to get a working knowledge on the use of industrial state-of-the-art EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools and design kits for the design of analog and digital integrated circuits.