Alejandro Roda Buch

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Citizenship : Spanish

MXC 341 (Bâtiment MXC)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Contact Mechanics Modeling
Data Acquisition
Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
Data Science


L. Baeza; J. Fayos; A. Roda-Buch; R. Insa
Vehicle System Dynamics 46 (2008) 647-659
High frequency railway vehicle-track dynamics through flexible rotating wheelsets
L. Baeza; A. Roda-Buch; J.C.O. Nielsen
Journal of Sound and Vibration 293 (2006) 112-124
Railway vehicle/track interaction analysis using a modal substructuring approach
A.Rovira; A. Roda-Buch; M.B. Marshall; H. Brunskill; R. Lewis
Wear 271 (2011) 911-924
Experimental and numerical modelling of wheel-rail contact and wear
A. Rovira; A. Roda-Buch; R. Lewis; M.B. Marshall
Wear 274 (2012) 109-126
Application of Fastsim with variable coefficient of friction using twin disc experimental measurements
A. Dalmau; A. Roda-Buch; A. Rovira; J. Navarro-Laboulais; A. Igual-Muñoz
Wear 394 (2018) 166-175
Wear model for describing the time dependence of the material degradation mechanisms of the AISI 316L in a NaCl solution